Seven Signs You May Have a Poltergeist

1. Disappearing objects

2. Objects levitating or thrown

3. Scents and odors

4. Electrical interference

5. Power from nowhere

The Wardenclyffe Tower

6. Knocks, rappings, footsteps, and other noises

Ding, dong, ditch

7. Physical Attacks


Seven Signs You May Have a Poltergeist

3 thoughts on “Seven Signs You May Have a Poltergeist

  1. skyblastnova1 says:

    in my house there has been well over 20 cases of items vanashing and some coming backs days weeks or months later sometimes never, i often wonder if there is more cases of vanashings that i do not know about so i have recently bought a wireless night vision camera i will at first have it stationed in my living room a place where i have seen objects vanish, i will be able to watch if anything happens from my own bedroom and record footage on my harddrive dvd recorder. i will let you know if i capture something paranormal.

      1. skyblastnova1 says:

        i live in anglese north wales, i did a test of the night vision camera and the night vision quality is great really clear, best thing to do is leave an object on the table to see what happens to it, its strange one night i got up to go to the toilet i could hear the sound of children coming from downstairs in the living room and it is the same place that i have seen a vortex

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