Gregory Matthew Bruni… American Badass

Gregory Matthew Bruni, a 21-year old carnival worker was arrested at Tony and LaDonna Lands’ Florida home.

The Lands told police they “heard a noise that sounded like thunder.”  Tony Land went outside to investigate the noise coming from the Lands’ roof to find Bruni, stark naked on top of the roof of the house.  Bruni, then jumped and knocked Land over by hitting him in the shoulder.  Bruni ran into the Lands’ home , pulled a TV off the wall, dumped the contents of a vacuum cleaner onto the floor.  LaDonna Land took up her handgun and began firing at Bruni.  She missed.  The Lands called 911.

Bruni then started playing whack-a-mole in the living room, then ran into the Lands’ son’s bedroom and rubbed some clothes in his face.  Finally the cops showed up .  The deputies tried to take control of Bruni who was flailing and speaking gibberish.  They also found that Bruni had pooped in a couple of places in the Lands’ home.

Apparently, Bruni had also sucked up some of the debris from the vacuum cleaner and spit it out.

Gregory Matthew Bruni, you’re an American Badass.

Psychotic Jackass

Gregory Matthew Bruni… American Badass

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