What Happened To The Chupacabra?

I remember when the stories of the chupacabra first came out.  The “goat sucker” was a terrifying little creature that stood on it hind legs, had spines, fangs, claws for days, big old creepy eyes, and sometimes wings.  Now, it seems that every chupacabra story is about some mangy coyote.  Come on.  What’s next?  Is bigfoot Ted Kaczynski’s grizzled older brother?  Is the Loch Ness monster just a catfish?  Are aliens just little kids in silver space suits?  Hmmm.

Original ChupacabraOriginal drawing from eyewitness

Dude, that's a dog

Greetings from Zeta Reticuli

What Happened To The Chupacabra?

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